How to request a new target

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Requesting a new target with Appt Health takes a matter of minutes. The blue button in the top right of the Targets homepage takes you to the form:

Targets homepage

You'll then be prompted to fill in a short form so we can create the target for you. The following information is needed:

  • Full name (e.g. Charles Short)
  • NHS email address (e.g.
  • Practice name (e.g. Hart Surgery)
  • Target name (e.g. Cervical Screening). This will be used as the name within your practice's portal
  • Are the target patients children or adults? This is important so that we use the correct messaging in our SMS contact
  • Appointment name (e.g. NHS Health Check, Asthma Review, Cervical Screening etc) This is what the appointment will be called when contacting the patient. "It's time to book your X"
  • SNOMED code to be automatically coded to the patient record (presently only available for EMIS users) Input the code you want attached to our SMS invites and automatically written back to the record
  • Slot type name (e.g. Smear Only) This is the exact phrase that is used to label desired appointment slots within your Patient Administration System (PAS) to indicate they are open for Appt Recall to book

Once this form is submitted, you should expect your new target to be created within one business day. If it isn't, please contact our support team on