How to get a Target started

Want to get a new target started with patients booking in? Read on to find out how.
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Once you've requested a new target and our team has created it in your portal, you are ready to get started. Follow these easy steps to set up which slots patients can book into:

  • A target that is ready to set up will have a "New!" icon next to the name and will have the option to "Get Started" (rather than "View" for targets that have already been set up) (see screenshot below - in this instance all three targets have not yet been started). Click on the target that you wish to start.
Targets homepage
  • You will then be asked to confirm that the right slot type is set up in your PAS (EMIS or SystmOne) so it is selectable from the drop down "Find your slot type" (see image below)
  • To do this you will need to follow the relevant tutorials for EMIS or for SystmOne.
  • Can't find your slot type?
Get Started page
  • Once you've selected your new slot type, click the "Set up target" button

You have now set up your target ready for your first patient list.

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