How to set up automatic coding in EMIS

Want to get your Appt invitations automatically coding into EMIS?
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Appt can automatically write any SNOMED code into a patient's record in EMIS for any invitation that it sends. Following these nine steps will ensure your EMIS is configured for Appt to successfully write these codes:

  1. In EMIS, click on the EMIS bubble in the top left
  2. First click "System Tools", then "EMAS Manager"
  3. Click on "Partner API" in the bottom left of the screen
  4. Search and select "ApptHealth"
  5. In the top left, click "Activate"
  6. Then click "Login Access"
  7. In the popup box, select an EMIS user that you want Appt to write codes on behalf of and make sure that both of the tick boxes are ticked.
  8. Email with your practice name and the EMIS username for that user. The Appt support team needs to enter this information into the Appt administration platform to allow coding to successfully feed through to EMIS.
  9. Once completed, all that remains is to add the specific SNOMED code into the "Request new target" form found on the Appt portal and we will turn on coding for you.

It is really important that you make sure these steps are followed or coding cannot be enabled for invitations. If you have any questions please contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.