How to set up your appointments in SystmOne

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There are 3 steps that must be taken to set up your appointments correctly for GP Connect booking in SystmOne:

  1. Create a new slot type
  2. Check the rota type
  3. Set up GP Connect

Please follow all the instructions below for these 3 steps.

Create or edit a slot type

We need to set up a slot type so that Appt can search for it through GP Connect.

  • Go to Setup -> Appointments -> Slot Type -> New Slot Type
  • Give the slot an appropriate name
  • Select "Bookable"
  • Select "Bookable through remote booking"
  • Select "Enable SMS reminders" if you want your SMS provider to send a reminder about these appointments as you would normally
  • Set the rest of the information as you would normally
  • Click "Ok"

Check rota type

This is important so that you know which rota to turn GP Connect on for.

  • Right click on the header of the rota where the slots will be made available
  • Select Administration -> Amend, this will display the rota template and the rota type can be checked
  • Make a note of the "rota type".

Set up GP Connect

This is the step that turns on the GP Connect integration and allows Appt to search for the appointment slots.

  • Go to "Setup" on the top menu bar and go to Users & Policy -> Organisation Preferences
  • Select Appointments -> GP Connect -> Provider
  • Ensure "Enable GP Connect Appointments: Provider" is ticked
  • Under Rota Booking Rules, in the "Rota types that can be booked into via GP Connect" box, click "+"
  • Select the rota type from the dropdown list and then select "Anyone can book into, unless they have a specific rule preventing them"
  • Do not make any changes to the box titled "Organisation and organisation type specific rules for rota types"
  • Under "Slot Types", click "+" and select the slot that you want Appt to book into from the dropdown list
  • Make sure that the "Status" is "Only organisations that meet a specific rule can book into"
  • Under "Organisation and Organisation type specific rules for slot types", click "+"
  • Move the "Slot Type" previously created over to the right hand side
  • Select the "+" for the "Organisations" box
  • Search and add your own GP Practice using your ODS code
  • Search and add Appt Health (using the ODS code 8JX33)
  • Make sure that you associate Appt Health and your practice with all the appointment slot types that you wish Appt Health to book into
  • Click "Ok" and "Ok" again
  • Check which clinician is assigned to each rota you are letting Appt book into and check under "GP Connect Staff" that they have a GP Connect Role. Do this by right clicking on them, clicking "Amend", then on the "Local Settings" tab select a role from the list below this step and then click "Ok"
  • Click "Ok" to save your changes

You are now set up for Appt to book appointments.