Set up clinical coding for SystmOne

To enable automated SNOMED coding into patient records you first need to download the Appt Health coding application.
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How it works

When you’ve set up coding we will automatically code the patient interactions into your patient’s record.  You need to be signed in to both Appt coding application and SystmOne for coding to take place. If you log out, any pending codes will be written as soon as you sign in again.

Follow the 5 steps below to set up automated coding.

Step 1: Download the Appt Health coding application

On the left side menu click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Integrations’,  then click on ‘Download’ under ‘Automated clinical coding’.

Once complete, please open the downloaded file.

Step 2: Install application

Select 'Only for me (your_username)' and click 'Install'.

When installed select 'Finish'.

Step 3: Use your account details to activate coding

Open the 'Appt Health Coding Client' application on your desktop.

Click 'Sign in to set up TPP coding'.

Enter the same email and password you use when signing in to your Appt Health platform.

Coding has now been set up and you can close the window.

Step 4: Device approval

  • Open TPP, within a couple of minutes the 'Device approval' modal below will appear
  • Optional: check the box 'Consultations entered through this device should be visible within online record'
  • Select 'Approve'

Give the device a name such as ‘Appt Health patient engagement’. You can use this name to identify the device later, so pick something that makes sense to you.

Step 5: Next step

Make sure to set up the codes you want on each target, so we can code the interactions how you want them to be coded into your patient’s record. If you need any support setting this up please contact