SMS link round

Appt Health’s SMS link round is designed to engage digitally fluent patients at lower cost and at scale.
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When a patient receives an SMS link invitation from you, they can click a link to access Appt Health’s booking website, or can reply to the message with the keyword DECLINE to reject the invitation.

Default Settings

Appt Health SMS link rounds include the following default settings:

  • SMS invitation delivery time: 8am - 6pm, 7 days /week
  • Booking window: slots that are available 3-31 days away from the date of invitation
  • Invitation expiry: After 24 hours the SMS link will cease to allow patient booking
  • Senders phone number: 07908678987

It is possible to change some of these settings. Contact our support team on to discuss any changes you require.

An example of SMS link invitation content

These examples are intended to illustrate a standard workflow. On your Appt Health platform, for each target, you can view and amend the specific settings for each SMS booking link round in use on the target.

Please note that this help guide does not include all the automated responses sent to patients for the purposes of explaining the process and handling errors. To learn more about these messages, please contact our support team on