Upload a patient list

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When you’re ready to upload your patient list, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your patient list Learn More
  2. Sign in here.
  3. Click on Get Started on the target you wish to start a Recall on.
  4. Click on Upload Patients.
  5. Click on Browse and then select the patient list.
  6. Click on Start Invitation Process.
  7. Click on I understand.

Upload Error

If your patient list is in the wrong format, you'll get an error message so you should edit it before trying again. Find the correct formats in the tutorial, Prepare your patient list.

Successful Upload

If uploaded successfully, you'll get a popup confirming that you have added new patients to the Target. Importantly, Appt Recall will only start inviting and booking patients into available slots once it has validated the patient data between GP Connect and Personal Demographics Service (PDS). It will also remind you to update new appointment slots within your PAS with the “Slot type” created for the Target and to turn on GP Connect.