Create a target

To create a new target, click on the button on the top right of the target page, this will take you to the set up form. If you are a first time user, this button will be right in the centre
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Step 1: Target creation

Target category: Initially, you will be asked to select a category for your target from common appointments for prevention and condition management

Target name: Next, you will select a name which you would like to see this target appearing as on the Appt Dashboard. This name can be the same as the target category, for example, 'Asthma review'. However, if you will have several lists of patients for the same category and would like to differentiate between them, this is where you would indicate for your own reference. For example, for an age cohort this target could be named 'Asthma review ages 65-85'

Step 2: Workflow

After you have named your target, you will select a workflow that details how the patients in this target will be contacted for their appointments. Appt Health offers a recommendation of two SMS recalls, followed by a call.

As soon as a patient accepts an appointment or declines to be contacted, they will no longer continue with the next stages of the workflow sequence.

Step 3: Settings

Now that we know how your patients will be contacted, we will adjust their SMS invitations and call confirmation SMS details so that they reflect the information that your organisation wishes to provide.

Organisation Name: The organisation name may be changed as your patients might identify better with a different name. For example, 'Lung Health Check Team' instead of 'North Kirklees GP Federation'.

Target Name: The target name change might help patients understand what they are being invited more easily by using non medical terms i.e.  'Flu jab' rather than an 'Influenza vaccine'.

Decline Option: The decline option offered, allows patients to choose to opt out if they do not want to be recalled for appointments for this target. The use of this function differs between targets and organisations. Some organisations like to use this feature for high volume recalls such as Flu vaccines as patients may have been vaccinated through a workplace, pharmacy or other service.

Step 4: Coding (EMIS users only)

Appt Health offers the ability to automatically code recalls and declined appointments . When you have decided the SNOMED CT codes to use for invitations, they can be searched for by the clinical title or by the SNOMED CT identifier. Then if a patient is recalled for this target, an entry will be made in their patient record of the interaction.

Step 5: Slot type

To select the appointments that Appt Health will book patients into, you then choose the slot type from the drop down list provided. Setting up a slot type differs between patient administration systems. You can find tutorials to help you here if you've not done this yet: EMIS or SystmOne.

Step 6: Upload patients

The final step is to upload your first patient list! Once you have prepared your patient list, upload it as a .csv file to the portal.

You can now activate your target and start recalling your patients!

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