How to get an Account

Looking to get started using Appt Health? Read on to find out how.
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1. Contact us

Go to our Get Started webpage or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Provide us with the practice and user information

Looking to get set up and started quickly? Make sure you’ve prepared the following information to give to the Appt Health team!

Your practice account will be set up by the Appt Health team using the following information:

  • Practice Name
  • ODS Code (Organisation Data Service Code). Find your code here.
  • Phone Number (this number will be used by the Appt team to contact the practice for any reasons related to service including help & support) 
  • Organisation Type (CCG, GP Practice, ICS etc)

The team will also create your users for Appt Recall using the following information:

  • First & last name
  • Email (this must be your email address for security)
  • Phone Number

3. Set your password

When your account has been set up, each user will receive an email asking them to set their new password.

4. Sign in

Having created a new password, a user signs in using their NHS email address and the password they’ve just created.

Sign in screen

When signed in, the first page shown is the Target page. This includes the Targets that are currently available for the practice to run.

Overview page for your targets